About Me

My name is Ed. I am a Full Stack Web Developer.

I work alongside entrepreneurs and businesses to design, develop, and implement digital tools, web and mobile applications to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and those of their clients.

I design and develop custom software, websites, and web applications with a human-centered approach. Before development, I meticulously plan the user experience and functionalities, then bring them together to create tools that are simple, easy, and enjoyable to use.

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Ed Mehran
Why me

Why Trust Me

  • Reliability

    I consider myself an honest and reliable person. To become a trustworthy professional, it's important to develop solid and timely work habits.

  • Speed

    Solving my clients' problems quickly is my priority. I enjoy providing swift and concrete solutions tailored specifically to my clients' needs.

  • Clarity

    No hidden or complicated fees. Before starting, we agree on a price, sign a quote, and stick to it.

  • Experience

    Seven years as an entrepreneur have helped me understand how to tackle projects. I'm not just a developer, but a problem solver alongside my clients.

  • Collaboration

    My ace in the hole is my collaborators. Serious and reliable professionals who design customized solutions based on client needs.

  • Uniqueness

    Working with a small team means receiving constant attention, interest, and listening. Creating generic or repetitive solutions is not my goal.

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Who I Work With

I collaborate with and for small and medium-sized enterprises , as well as innovative startups , who are passionate about their work and projects. They love what they do and strive to do it in the best way possible. They seek to improve what isn't working, both internally and externally within their organization. They aim to make internal processes more effective and efficient and create a useful, simple, and pleasant experience for their customers.

With me, they find not just a service provider, but a development partner who helps them understand what needs to be done and how to achieve great results and grow their business.

I have a comprehensive educational background: I studied Computer Science and also completed an Executive Master's in Information Architecture and User Experience Design, enabling me to work on the entire process.


Not Just a Developer.

  • Problem Solver

    I have the ability to tackle, analyze, and find solutions to problems that satisfy all involved parties.

  • Team Leader

    I possess the skill to assemble the right team for a specific project and to lead and guide people towards achieving a goal.

  • Entrepreneur

    Transitioning from ideas to actions and implementing a strategy into concrete steps to achieve business goals requires knowing how to proceed effectively.

Let's Create Something Amazing Together

  • ed@appybros.ch

  • +41 76 78 70 155

  • Appybros Sagl c/o Cryms Sagl
    Villa San Zeno
    Via Brüga 12,
    6814 Lamone
    Ticino Switzerland