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My name is Ed. I am a Full Stack Web Developer.

I work alongside entrepreneurs and companies to design, develop, and implement digital tools, web, and mobile applications to make their business and their clients' operations more effective and efficient.

I design and develop software, websites, and applications tailored to human needs: I design for people.


How can I help you?

  • I develop web and mobile applications using Laravel

    I assist in solving business problems and inefficiencies by creating applications and management software to support my clients in their digital transformation process. I manage the entire development process, from design to integration and testing, ensuring high-quality products that save time.

  • Web Development with Statamic

    I offer custom web development services for businesses and individuals. With over 15 years of experience and deep knowledge of web technologies, I create websites tailored to each client's needs, enhancing visibility and sales.

  • E-commerce Development with Shopify

    The ideal solution for those wanting to start an online sales business or improve their sales performance. With extensive experience and expertise in the field, I create customized online stores. I offer Shopify theme modifications and app development to integrate the platform with other existing software and CRMs.

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Ed Mehran
About Me

Thanks to the Internet, I can work from anywhere.

Those who know and have worked with me say I am much more than a web developer:

  • A problem solver , for my ability to tackle issues and find solutions.
  • A team manager, for always assembling the right team for specific projects and effectively managing and guiding people.
  • An entrepreneur who turns words into actions by transforming strategies into clear, concrete actions to achieve business goals.

We work as a team

I strongly believe in the value that teamwork brings to a project, both offline and online.

I collaborate with a small, highly skilled software development team. I am based in Lugano, Ticino. We aim to achieve common goals through our collective expertise and knowledge-sharing. We provide customized solutions, designed and crafted with attention to detail. Depending on your needs, I personally handle the search for the right professionals to meet your project's requirements.

Thanks to our ability to collaborate and share knowledge, we offer customized solutions, designed and crafted with care and attention to detail. Based on your needs, I will personally handle the search for professionals suited to your project's requirements.

Appybros Working as a team
Our Approach

Prototyping First: An Iterative Approach for Innovative Solutions

Developing quality software is an ever-evolving discipline. In recent years, we have refined our process to offer our clients the best possible product and establish good practices for our team.

From the client's perspective, we adopt a "prototyping first" approach to understand and refine requirements, share our planning, and provide weekly or bi-weekly demos showing the current state of development. Clients can see the progress, share their feedback, have full control over the process, and receive support and consultation at every stage.

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